The aim of our site is to provide you with simple but effective methods you can use to train your German Shepherd dog. It is never too late to get started, so even if your dog is a few years old you can still train it.



The Basics

German Shepherd Teaching your German Shepherd to behave themselves is your first step. They are a very intelligent dog breed and quick to learn, so this will make your job a lot easier.


You will probably experience certain times with your dog when they do something like chew the furniture or go to the toilet inside the house. You will need to deal with these issues even before you think about getting them to sit, fetch or heel when walking them.


You will also have times when your temper can be tested. But one thing we cannot stress enough is not to take it out on your dog. It does them no good whatsoever and you will always regret it afterwards. So always remain calm and teach them right from wrong and it won't be long before they are well behaved and will make a fantastic pet for many years to come.


German Shepherd training is all about teaching your dog right from wrong. You do this by rewarding them for things they do when asked and when they misbehave they are disciplined enough to know they have done something wrong. But obviously this doesn't involve anything physical in terms of discipline, it's all about communicating your anger over to them in a way they will understand.